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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

New Breathalyzer law in France

From the 1st of July you must carry an unused Breathalyzer in your car or motorbike/scooter - but not mopeds while driving in France.

However - isn't there always - though the law as passed in November and comes into force on the 1st July they "say" there will be no prosecutions until 1st November.

It must be a French NF-Approved Digital Breathalyzer or Breathalyzer Kit.

The French Police are suggesting vehicles carry at least two, so that if one is used to check the driver, a second remains for inspection but the law requires either an NF Approved digital breathalyzer or one unused breathalyzer kit.

The regulation was passed into law on the 28th February and will be effective from 1st July - however while it won't be enforced until November, stocks are so short that drivers are being advised to order NOW to ensure delivery before the November deadline.