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Thursday, December 20, 2012

Port du Roy Marina experts

Languedoc Property Finders continue to be experts on property in the Port du Roy marina in Aigues Mortes.

As testament to this, I just did a google search for Quai des Galions property (One of the marinas that make up the Port du Roy development and came up with this search result...........

That's every search result showing the Languedoc Property Finders website or blog. Just shows that Languedoc Property Finders are still the Port du Roy experts.

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Tax hike for Paris and Riviera

SECOND homes in “high pressure” areas – including the Riviera and Paris – could be slapped with an extra 20% on top of their taxe d’habitation from next year.

As part of debate on the third “corrective finance law” for 2012, the government wants to create a new levy referred to in the French press as a “super taxe d’habitation”.

This would be on “under-occupied homes”, a roundabout way of saying second or holiday homes.

Thursday, November 08, 2012

Welcome to our new look website

Languedoc Property Finders are pleased to announce the launch of our new website.

We hope you like it.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Ethylotest rethink as fines delayed

DRIVERS have been given an extra four months' grace over the imposition of €11 fines for not carrying breath tests - and the law may even be scrapped.

A shortage of tests across the country has prompted the interior ministry to delay the start of the fines until March 1 and Interior Minister Manuel Valls said he wanted to use this interval to evaluate the usefulness of the law.

Alcohol is implicated in one in three fatal road accidents and is involved in the deaths of three people each day.

The law says that all road-users - even tourists - must carry an éthylotest to help them check that they are fit to drive. Only cyclomoteurs - two-wheelers of under 50cc - are exempt.

Introduced by then interior minister Claude Guéant, it came into force on July 1 but its full effects were delayed until November 1 to allow manufacturers to supply enough kits.

However, only two manufacturers make kits to the Norme Française demanded and French company Contralco and South African Red Line have not been able to supply enough products.

When MPs passed the law kits cost only around €1-€2 but now the shortage of supply has seen prices hit €5 in some shops.

Valls said that before March 1 he wanted to have a new look at the law along with road users' groups and victims' groups. The Ligue Contre la Violence Routière has already attacked it as just a "little cosmetic measure".

The legal limit for driving in France is 0.5gram of alcohol per litre of blood. A driving ban is not automatic for drivers who go over this limit - they risk losing six points off the 12 points on their licence and a €135 fine.

Anyone driving with more than 0.8g/l must go to court and risks losing six points, a three-year driving ban, a €4,500 fine and two years' jail.

Tuesday, October 09, 2012

Old stone village house with roof terrace........

I have just been instructed to sell a lovely, 85 sqm 2/3 bed village house with roof terrace in the pretty village of Campagnan for a very keen price of €129,000 !!!

You will not see many quality properties with outside space in good condition at this price so watch this space..........

Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Charming house with garden

We have just been instructed to sell a charming 3 bed, 100 sqm house with pretty garden in the village of St. Thibery, just outside Pézenas. Watch this space for full details.

Tuesday, October 02, 2012

New photo of fabulous roof terrace

Now that the sun has come out again I have just re-taken a photo of this amazing roof terrace in Neffies.

This superb village house is certainly one of the best I have ever seen and needs to be viewed to be appreciated.

CLICK HERE to see a full presentation of this languedoc house for sale or call me to chat about it.

EN - 020 7193 9341
FR - +33 467 00 11 71

It's been a while !

Well it certainly has been a while since I have posted to this blog, fortunately this has been because I haven't had the time.

The summer months for Languedoc Property Finders have tended to be fairly quiet compared to other times of the year. I put this down to the fact that most people who are here in July and August are here mainly for the beach rather than looking for property. The most serious buyers tend to come out to look for Languedoc property in the spring and then again in the autumn. This year however, has been an exception to the rule. This year we have had a very busy summer period with plenty of sales being agreed and a pretty decent amount of new stock coming online.

In addition to this, Languedoc Property Finders has started to expand into the Narbonne area. Headed by John Bartram who has lived in Narbonne for years, we have started to develop a portfolio of good quality properties in Narbonne itself as well as the surrounding areas.

Some of our most exciting new stock recently has included:
To see all our lates properties for sale follow this link.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

New Breathalyzer law in France

From the 1st of July you must carry an unused Breathalyzer in your car or motorbike/scooter - but not mopeds while driving in France.

However - isn't there always - though the law as passed in November and comes into force on the 1st July they "say" there will be no prosecutions until 1st November.

It must be a French NF-Approved Digital Breathalyzer or Breathalyzer Kit.

The French Police are suggesting vehicles carry at least two, so that if one is used to check the driver, a second remains for inspection but the law requires either an NF Approved digital breathalyzer or one unused breathalyzer kit.

The regulation was passed into law on the 28th February and will be effective from 1st July - however while it won't be enforced until November, stocks are so short that drivers are being advised to order NOW to ensure delivery before the November deadline.

Friday, April 20, 2012

Another one bites the dust

Just goes to show that if you quote a fair and reasonable price there are still good buyers out there ready to purchase.

Friday, March 09, 2012

Government confirms new breathalyzer law

The French government has announced officially that all cars must
carry a single-use breathalyzer kit from July 1st.*

The move, which has been widely reported for some time, was made official
in a decree on February 28th and published on Thursday.

"Every driver of a motorised land vehicle, excluding mopeds, must possess
an unused and immediately available breathlyzer, " said the decree,
published in the official gazette ("Journal Officiel de la République

Transport ministry officials told The Local that the rule would apply
equally to vehicles from outside France.

July and August are busy months on the French roads as millions of French
people and tourists head for their holiday destinations.

A fine of €11 ($15) will be charged to anyone not carrying the breathalyzer
kit, but police have been told to start fining only from November 1st.

The new law is the latest attempt to reduce France's road accident rate.

Around 4,000 people died on French roads in 2011, a very slight improvement
on the figure for the year before.

Drink driving is believed to be responsible for one in three road deaths.

The government hopes having a kit in the car will allow people to test
themselves and to give them the means to test others if they suspect they
are over the limit.

The legal blood alcohol limit in France is 0.5 grams per litre.

The single-use tests cost between €0.50 and €1.50 and manufacturers are
rushing to produce enough to meet expected demand.

President Nicolas Sarkozy promised the measure in November in the hope of
slashing drink driving, responsible for 31 percent of fatal road accidents.

Disposable breathalysers have been available in French bars and nightclubs
since then.

New coaches have been equipped with breathalyser tests that prevent drivers
starting the ignition since January 2010. The devices are to be installed
in all coaches by the start of the 2015 school year.

A total of 3,970 people died on French roads in 2011, down barely 0.5
percent or 22 lives compared to 2010.

When Sarkozy came to power in 2007 he set the government the ambitious
target of reducing annual road deaths to 3,000 by 2012.

The new breathalyzer requirement will be added to the existing rules
compelling drivers to carry a warning triangle and a fluorescent safety
Failure to have these in the car can lead to a €90 fine.

Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Great value house in Port du Roy Marina

A great value house in Port du Roy Marina, Aigues Mortes has just come onto the market.

This "NEW" property is being sold directly from the developers after a previous buyer failed to get finance for it's purchase.

It is a 67.89 sqm, 2 storey, 2 bed house with balcony, garden and private 8 x 3.5m mooring. The house comes with a dedicated parking space and at €278,800 is VERY VERY GOOD VALUE INDEED !!!!!

CALL ME NOW if you would like further information on this great house.

+33 467 00 11 71
+44 20 7193 9341

Simon Kerridge

New Planning Regulations For Property In France

New Planning Regulations For Property In France

Good news from the Government for many homeowners who want to extend and for those
planning to build from scratch on a plot.

From the 1st January 2012 it has been permissible to construct an extension of up to 40m²
without the need to submit a planning application (permis de construire). It is still necessary to
submit a works declaration (déclaration préalable de travaux).

The change only applies to extensions to existing buildings; new and separate construction,
such as a detached garage or workshop, will continue to require a planning application.
A plan of the proposed works is still required. Although the process is quicker, approval of a
works application is not automatic; it will still have to comply with local planning and building

Reasons for refusal can include a lack of suitable infrastructure, non-respect of distances
between properties, architectural or landscape reasons, limits on the plot ratio (COS).
If the property is not within an area designated for construction by a local plan (PLU or POS)
then it will still be necessary to submit a planning application.

If the extension increases the floor area of an existing residential property to over 170m² then
a planning application will still need to be submitted and the use of an architect will continue to
be necessary. It appears that if the property already exceeds 170m² then existing rules apply,
including mandatory use of an architect.

Also the government has decided to simplify the calculation of habitable space within a
planning application.

Up to the 29th February 2012 the terms 'SHOB' (Surface Hors Oeuvre Brute) and 'SHON'
(Surface Hors Oeuvre Nette) were used to define the different surface areas of a property.

From the 1st March 2012 there is a single, unified definition, called the 'surface de plancher'.
The new space definition is the surface area of the internal floors with a height of at least
1.80m. Apart from simplification of the calculation it is hoped to encourage construction of
energy efficient thicker walls which were penalized under the old system. It is also estimated
the change will increase the density of buildings on plots by about 10%.

Do not confuse the surface de plancher with the surface habitable seen on estate agent’s
particulars. The latter also has a legal definition and it excludes as well as internal walls,
partitions, stairs and stairwells, ducts, doorways and windows.

There is likely to be even more good news to come; at the time of writing it is still being
debated. The proposal is to increase the COS by 30% which for example would mean that a
plot of 1000m² with a COS of 0,2 could hold a dwelling with a surface de plancher of 260m² as
opposed to the existing 200m². The debate is over whether to exclude certain “protected zones”
and give Communes the right to opt out.

Many thanks to John Marshall for this article. John is a Chartered Surveyor living full time in France and qualified in both France and the UK.

Chartered Valuation Surveyor § Building Pathologist
Telephone:           +33 (0) 4 68 20 26 48
Mobile/Portable:   +33 (0) 6 85 69 98 22
Fax/Telecopie:      +33 (0) 4 68 20 39 72
Internet:               www.JohnMarshallSurveys.com

Friday, February 10, 2012

Something very special indeed

A common request for property here is what I tend to think of as the holy grail of Languedoc property. That is a large period family home, in the heart of a village, rather than stuck in the middle of nowhere, with a proper garden, swimming pool and original features.

Add to this proximity (10 mins) to Pezenas and what you have is fantastic but in reality quite rare.

Sure these places come to the market but they are so often flawed. A tiny garden, a lousy location, overlooked, PVC windows! The usual problems.

Well today I was lucky enough to see what is pretty close to perfection. A wonderful period home that just ticks all the boxes.

Over 300 sqm of living space, on a plot of around 1300 sqm in a great location, close enough to Pezenas to zip in and grab a DVD.

More details to follow but for now all I can say is if you've got approaching seven figures to spend then be prepared to be very excited.

Next installment soon...................

Centre of Pezenas - A hidden gem.

Right in the heart of Pezenas, behind a small facade, you will find a wonderful period stone property of 320 sqm, kitchen, dining room, huge reception room, study/TV room, 4 big bedrooms, courtyard garden, amazing roof terrace and..............wait for it..............AN INDOOR SWIMMING POOL !!!!!

All this for €575,000. Watch this space for more info shortly or call me on 00 33 467 00 11 71 to chat about this amazing find.

Loads of character and a wonderful roof terrace.......

This lovely village house just about to come to the market with a wonderful roof terrace.

The pretty village of Castelnau de Guers, only about 3kms outside of Pezenas is home to this gorgeous house of approx 123 sqm plus just over 30 sqm of caves and a fab roof terrace of 23 sqm.

Coming to the market in the next few days at a sensible €225,000.

3/4 Bedrooms and 2 Reception Rooms.

Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Languedoc is the most popular region in France......

Languedoc Roussillion is officially the “most popular region in France” with more people opting to move here than to any other area of France, official statistics show.

At the end of 2011 the region had 2,610,890 residents and the highest population growth of all regions in France in the 10 years up to 2009(the latest census dates).

The influx means that nearly half of all residents were not born here.

Research chief for the National statistics body Insee Roger Rabier said that of the 49% of “outsiders” 35% were born elsewhere in France and 14% were born outside of France.

He added: “There are, essentially, three reasons people come: work - because even though the region has high unemployment it is very strong on creating jobs; others are brought in for their studies, while the remainder find it an ideal place to pass their retirement.

“The majority are young and active workers, mostly couples, with only 20% of them retired.”

There has been a 14% increase in population since 1999 and it tops the growth charts, ahead of second-placed neighbours, Midi-Pyrenees.

The majority of incomers (135,500) chose to settle in Herault, while 78,800 opted for Gard. Pyrenees-Orientales attracted some 53,100 newcomers, compared to 44,200 in the Aude - only 3,650 new arrivals chose to make their home in land-locked Lozere over the past decade.
CLICK HERE find out more about property in Languedoc and more specifically property in Herault.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Languedoc property for sale near Cazouls les Béziers

A friend of mine has just sent me photos of a wonderful looking Languedoc property for sale near Cazouls les Béziers.

He says, "It's a great house with about 2,3ha vineyards". He goes on to say, "120m² habitable, 3 beds, 1 bathroom with shower & toilet, excellent condition, pool 5x10m², well/fourage. Top Location."

Contact me if you'd like more information about this  Languedoc property for sale near Cazouls les Béziers.

Sunday, January 08, 2012

Positive start to 2012

Some good enquiries from buyers and a sale agreed already. I have a good feeling about 2012. There are some cracking properties on the market, some great properties about to come to the market and some very motivated sellers. Recipe for some lucky buyers to bag themselves a great house.