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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Languedoc Property Market Still Strong

It seams that each day you open a newspaper there's more doom and gloom about the world economy and the big "Credit Crunch".

I can honestly say that so far the property market in the Languedoc is holding up rather well. Sure we've seen prices fall, but this has largely been down to properties that were badly priced to begin with and have needed to come down to the price they should have been at in the first place. If that makes sense!

Each day we receive emails and phone calls from good quality buyers looking to buy holiday homes or relocate to this part of France.

Personally I feel that people feel safe investing in France as oposed to other less proven parts of the world. They are looking at buying property for the long term and they feel confident that even if prices do fall, ultimately it is a safe and stable economy and their investment over time will probably reap rewards.

If you like the idea of buying a Languedoc Property then have a look at our property listings or give us a call to chat through your ideas. We are available Monday - Friday at our offices in Pezenas on 00 33 467 00 11 71 to answer your questions.

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